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Salesforce and Pardot Rapid Starts

Salesforce and Pardot Rapid Starts are designed to affordably get you up and running quickly or ‘unstuck’ from a frustrating deployment that just doesn’t work.

The Rapid Start program is designed like a menu, where you select what you need so we can deliver a tailored solution that meets your budget.   The 24-hour basic set-up includes 10 tasks that are bundled to get a company generating leads with Pardot and Salesforce in days, not weeks. 

Customers can then select other Rapid Start tasks that are critical to meet their marketing program needs.  These include items like 3rd party integrations, email and landing page builds, sophisticated lead sharing with Salesforce and dashboards and reports that dazzle.  We provide project-based services, training and ongoing managed services, too.

Rapid Starts

Salesforce Rapid Start:
  • Expert consultant assigned
  • Basic Admin Setup
  • User setup and activation
  • Data Mapping for customers
  • Review sales process
  • Tailored Team Training
Pardot Rapid Start:
  • Expert consultant assigned
  • Technical Integration (Salesforce/Pardot/Domain)
  • Basic admin setup
  • Corporate and Transactional Email Setup
  • Lead Scoring
  • Tailored Team Training