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Case Studies: How We Helped Salesforce Marketing Cloud & Pardot Work for Our Clients

Surfaceink The Company: A pioneering consumer electronics product design and development firm located in San Jose, CA. Clients include Amazon, Dell, HP, Facebook, Fitbit, Go Pro, Intel and multiple start-ups

Client Challenges

  • A Salesforce user since 2005, the client’s Salesforce account had been unmaintained for years including multiple duplicate accounts, contacts and abandoned user seats with old data, plus no uniform internal workflows for maintaining an optimized tool. It was a mess.
  • The C-suite did not have visibility into the pipeline and progress, or data points, that were of interest to them out of the box. They needed a customized solution.
  • The Business Development team struggled with adding new or updating existing opportunities, as well as a cumbersome in-house process for adding new detailed opportunities into Salesforce.

How we helped make Salesforce work for their new business development:

  • Streamlined account and contact duplicates by 45%.
  • Improved the data accuracy, with the addition of the 3rd party Seamless.Ai tool
  • Created a visually compelling and informative suite of custom dashboards for reporting to the C-suite, allowing for a more data-driven decision approach to opportunities and new strategies
  • Updated plug-ins and adding new apps for a simpler process to update accounts and contacts out of Outlook
  • Developed a custom “deal module” that cut the time and process for adding new opportunities by 80% while including key data not available out of the box
  • Provided process training and documentation for all users

Wealth Management Firm The Company: A retirement planning, wealth management and asset management services firm located in eight states

Client Challenges

The firm needed help in installing, activating and optimizing their out-of-the-box Pardot platform so their teams could start capturing and nurturing new leads and enhance communication with existing customers

How we helped make Pardot work for their sales teams:

  • Configured and optimized mass email and automated email sequences including four customized templates
  • Created 23 individual email template used in 7 unique nurture campaign to prepare potential customers for the retirement conversation
  • Evaluated and ensured compliance related to C-SPAM and GDPR
  • Connected 8 separate webforms to drive lead generation
  • Developed 8 auto-responder email templates as a first follow up
  • Established basic lead scoring to evaluate engagement and allow differentiation
  • Built event invitation and confirmation sequence
  • Trained team and are now providing on-going email support

Employee Benefits Company The Company: With its headquarters in Pennsylvania, this established employee benefits company operates fourteen Consortium and Cooperative programs, offering health benefit solutions for both public and private sectors

Client Challenges

Due to recent acquisitions, the company needed to migrate and integrate two desperate legacy email systems (Constant Contact and MailChimp) to their new Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Studio that would allow them to reduce cost and time, while providing an seamless integrated marketing/sale approach to their customer data base.

How we helped make Salesforce Marketing Cloud work for their marketing team:

  • Set up and configured for new Marketing Cloud account including Content Builder, Email Studio, Journey Builder and Datorama analytics system
  • Migrated and rebuilt 7 email templates
  • Migrated and organized all content into Marketing Cloud Content Builder
  • Set up basic analytics
  • Installed Marketing Cloud Connect to allow seamless campaign lists pulls and corresponding data into Salesforce
  • Trained marketing team to optimize usage

Hydrafil The Company: Hydrafil is a wholesale distributor of high-quality hydraulic filtration equipment located in Detroit Michigan. The company started selling online in 2007.

Client Challenges

Hydrafil needed to replace their outdated CRM and E-commerce platforms with a fully integrated stack using Salesforce, Revenue Cloud (CPQ) accounts and a new Shopify website

What We Delivered:

  • Consulted and collaborate with Client on the procurement on Salesforce to ensure the right product for their company
  • Created database of 170,000 products
  • Built and configured a new Shopify website
  • Installed, configured and optimized Salesforce and Revenue Cloud (CPQ )
  • Developed duel path order path /sales process to allow company to work 100% within Salesforce to support clients orders
  • Integrated Ship Station (shipping) and SyncQ (accounting) software platform with Salesforce, Revenue Cloud (CPQ ) and Shopify
  • Developed Google Ad program to drive traffic and increase conversions